Testimonials and Feedback

Here’s some parents feedback from our “Time out for Parents” courses:

“I’d like to let you know how much it really has changed my family’s lifestyle for the better. My relationship and understanding of my children has vastly improved.  Just an example, is the bedtime routine I’ve put in place without it we were all suffering. (tired, grumpy, arguing and not getting out of bed in the morning) Now I’ve taken on board some of the suggestions in class we have a much happier household at night and in the morning.

Without the facilitators, I wouldn’t have opened my mind to these simple changes that have really helped not just with my kids, but even how much I appreciate my own mother and the relationship we have.

Each week I’ve looked forward to coming to the class, we’re all mums with similar aged children and to hear that it’s not just you alone but collectively we all have things to learn and gain from our sessions.”

“The primary years course has been a great experience. I have gained so much useful information. The advice given and how to keep your kids safe and how to set boundaries is just exceptional. The course has so much packed in to it but can honestly say every week of learning has helped a lot with my parenting skills. There is so much that I didn’t realise or know and this course has helped in every way. Cannot thank the facilitators enough for all their help and advice and I would definitely recommend the course and would happily sit the course again myself.”

Here’s what other parents say they enjoyed the most about attending the sessions:

“great course, so enjoyed coming along with everyone, so informative, time to step back and think, good to have company on this most difficult journey, very good range of topics, excellently facilitated, a really interesting insight into what teenagers go through”

“Opportunity to be honest both with myself and others, having time to think things over and make plans

“Meeting new people and getting to know them”

“I’ve gained so much confidence as a parent and a wife I feel like we really are a team now”